by Gabi Miguel

Our Mission

Gabi Miguel is engaged in the task of minimizing the waste of natural resources.

Our mission is to change ourselves and the reality around us so we may have more responsible and intelligent use of those resources and become a part of the change that can improve the reality for future generations.


Conscious water consumption

At Gabi Miguel we seek to adopt some measures such as optimizing irrigation (in accordance with Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 26-A/2024, of February 20), preventive maintenance of swimming pools, in addition to raising awareness among our guests to adopt behaviors that maximize use and minimize waste


In order to do a paperless check-in and reduce pollution, we have adopted a procedure so the guest may go directly to the property rented saving time and the environment. Our guests receive all the information needed by e-mail so they may let themselves in and just enjoy their vacation time

Smart energy use

Gabi Miguel is always looking for solutions to save energy and the Earth. We installed solar panels in most of our houses and ask clients to pay attention to not letting windows and doors open while using air conditioners and to turn off electronics when not using them. When it comes to smart consumption, we also do our homework. We have started to replace the appliances with more efficient ones, in order to save both water and electricity and run that extra mile to help save the planet